#13 Things that matter

We have a bit of a nature theme going on this issue, partly because we've recently become obsessed with essential oils, as you'll see below, but also because we've learnt that we feel revived and refreshed by spending time in nature. It's also a key influence in our work.

Even living in Sydney's inner west, we manage to draw a lot of our design inspiration from nature. We seek out adventures in nature, be it seaside or park, cemeteries or dirty canals. Believe it or not, it's on our doorstep. We've seen some random inner-west style nature from brushturkeys, to a kingfisher on top of a dog-poo bin, an army of left-clawed fiddler crabs and more. 

Happy wanderings, 

Mel and Rachel


Oil burners

We recently did a workshop with Sage Cosmetic Coaching on fragrance making using essential oils. Ever since, we've been using essential oils around the house for room fragrance with benefits. We're making our way through The Fragrance Pharmacy (review in the reading section below) choosing oils and experimenting with combinations we can use to wind down, pep up, for clarity, and to relieve headaches. Now we just need to decide which oil burner we love the most; here's our edit: (clockwise from top left) Milligram Studio glass oil burner, formed from mouth-blown glass with an anodised aluminium oil bowl. The transparent structure of this oil burner bathes its surroundings in a soft glow when lit. Wingnut & Co. stoneware oil burner is handmade by this small studio based in Melbourne. Brass oil burner by Studio Henry Wilson is a unique, refined alternative to traditional burners. Terracotta scent ring with Commune by L'Oeil Du Vert oil works by adding a few drops of oil to the groove in the ring, placing the ring on top of a standard halogen light bulb and turning on the light. The warmth from the light activates the oil and fills the room with fragrance.



For the Akorah product shoot, we wanted to bring the circle device from the logo to life in 3D form and use it as a prop, alongside tiles and marble, to give the feeling of a bathroom. It was a very hands-on experience, requiring some YouTube tutorials on How to Grout Tiles, and finding just the right silicon cake-baking pans to make plaster moulds of the logo. The finishing touch was native foliage to bring home the Australian and natural themes. We also designed and built the website where you can buy this beautiful, natural product (including essential oil blends): www.akorah.com.au

Behind the scenes: Looking beyond the crop at the studio set up. What a beast of a camera!


Random acts of art

Single O coffee came up with the brilliant idea of commissioning artists from their cafe community to illustrate the brand's coffee bags. After a decade of blank bags, they realised they needed to put as much attention and care into the outside of the packaging as they did for the coffee inside. The project is called 'Random Acts of Art' and the designs change every few months. Artists from top: Jay McCaffrey, Al Wrath, Georgia Hill, Mike Watt. See more artwork here


"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he (sic) seeks." John Muir


Flower power

It's no secret we're fans of Japanese design and culture, and this book is the perfect example, from the quality of paper and print through to the attention to detail and unique, ordered, creative expression. The Encyclopedia of Flowers documents flowers through botanical sculptures, created by Makoto Azuma and photographed by Shunsuke Shiinoki, the co-owners of Jardins des Fleurs florist studio in the Ginza district of Tokyo. Azuma’s experimental floral works have been shown in many places outside of Japan, including a solo exhibition in New York. He has recently been focusing on exploring the connections between humans and flowers. There are currently three volumes of this book that have been updated as new flower types become available, and comes complete with an index listing of every flower name. 


Studio Kate Website

We've just completed phase two of the Studio Kate brand identity with this responsive website and an EDM template to match, continuing the modern classic theme of this amazing award-winning design team. The whole project will be up on our website soon.

NATURE INSPIRED READING Easy Peasy: Gardening With Kids This gem of a book is full of ideas to get children interested in the garden and wildlife, with the bonus of a beautifully illustrated book cover. The people from our favourite online magazine, The Planthunter released a book last year featuring all types of gardens from street gardens in LA to grand country estates in Auckland, NZ; tiny rental gardens in Sydney to plant-packed suburban Brisbane backyards. The Planthunter: Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plantsshares the stories of constant gardeners who find beauty, purpose and truth through gardening. If you're interested in using natural essential oils for all purposes. The Fragrant Pharmacy is a must-have household manual for using nature's powerful essential oils for health and wellbeing around the home. There's information on the benefits and uses of each plant extract plus recipes for natural skin care, natural home cleaning, essential oil combinations to enhance moods, and even animal health remedies. How to Moonbathe At Your Window – something different!  VIEWING 2019 Sony World Photo Awards. Images selected from 326,000 entries from photographers around the world. Fun fashion article: Siblings, friends, lovers, mentors, and mothers choose clothes for each other to wear from the Spring collections.  EXPERIENCE If you're based in Sydney, come to a free family-friendly event: EDGE Greenway, where art meets nature, 30 March, 3-9pm. Bring a picnic and enjoy artist trails, DJ's, mocktails, lantern making for kids and more. Janet Laurence: After Nature exhibition, talks and workshops at the MCA. Laurence explores the interconnection of all living things – animal, plant, mineral – through art.  LEARNING Make your own natural skincare. Woodblock printing, using these guys as inspiration.   SHARE We'd love to hear from you! If you've seen or read anything you'd like to share, please email us at info@kingstreetpress.com.au

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