#15 Daring to be different

We both have a love of books, new and old, and this issue features bookshops around the world that are on our to-visit list. King Street Press was started after Mel found herself travelling off the tourist trail to explore bookshops in cities and small towns across Paris and London. "I knew my destiny was in books and that I had to come back home and start something of my own in publishing and design," she says. Rachel's life has always involved books, from a much-loved and thumbed through collection of her mother's childhood books through to travelling and working in bookshops in London and Sydney. Together we also look at the incredible Deus, a brand that makes up its own rules and thrives because of creativity and diversity. And, if you're in Sydney, please join us at The Uncensored Money series, conversations... invitation below.

Mel and Rachel


Zero Waste Brochure

Using the bright brand colours of the Inner West Council, we created a brochure concept to educate the community about the financial and environmental issues of waste and how we can all pitch in to do our bit. It has quite heavy and disturbing content, and we wanted people to engage with the information and ultimately change people's habits, so we created a positive experience with the use of everyday Australian feeling imagery, pull-out cartoon-style stats and infographics to tell the story of the numbers and figures in an easily digestible way.


Must-Visit Bookshops Around the World

Clockwise from top: LONDON: Owner A.N. Devers opened the Second Shelf to change how we talk about (and pay for) rare books by women. Based in Soho where there's a rare book fair almost every weekend, she started collecting and selling books and on one occasion found a rare edition of a novel by American icon Joan Didion for $25, with books by male authors sitting right beside it for almost 25 times the price. The bookshop is located in the heart of Soho, and offers customers a quiet place to browse and meet friends for a coffee. Photo @annathegryffindor. LONDON: This secret alley in Cecil Court in the heart of London is full of secondhand bookshops with everything from collectors' copies and first editions to old stamps and maps. GREEK ISLANDS: Atlantis is a quirky bookshop in Santorini founded by a group of friends from Cyprus, England and the US. They host readings on the terrace, bookbinding classes and film festivals and supply cat spam from the Atlantis Instagram feed. BUENOS AIRES: The Ateneo Grand Splendid is often labeled as “the world’s most beautiful bookstore” and they could be right! The bookstore is housed in an antique theatre. 


El Jefe T-Shirt Designs

Océane from El Jefe Dog Grooming commissioned us to create some t-shirt designs to extend her brand. Using high-end fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Fend, as well as her neighbour in Camperdown, Deus ex Machina (featured below) as inspiration, we played with the logo using different fonts, arrangements and patterns. Soon to be dog and their person wearables...


"The same light you see in others in shining within you too." @morganharpernichols


Building a Global Brand

Dare Jennings is the man behind two of Australia's most-loved brands, Mambo and Deus. In this interview with Dare he shares tips on creating a successful global brand, including: “If I am to give advice to anybody, it is to stay as close as you can to your heart and what you know. The minute you have do market research – from my point of view – you’re in trouble". With Deus, Dare has created an experience for customers where motorbikes are being worked on and customised in full view of customers in the retail store/cafe. The range of offerings all extend from Dare's own interests in custom motorbikes, bicycles, surfboards and wetsuits through to clothing, accessories, badges and more. The logo evolves and changes on most applications and yet it's synonymous with Deus. We also love that the first store is based in our beloved inner west in Camperdown.


A Small Investment With Big Returns

We are rapt to be supporting this event, with Melissa Browne, Alexx Stuart and Melanie Tonazzi having real conversations about money, from being ethical with your finances, what to look out for when you're coupling or uncoupling, as well as stress, hormones and sabotage around money. If you're like us, managing money is something we like to ignore. These conversations help break down any blocks around money giving you confidence in financial decisions. Hope to see you there, get your tickets online here. WHEN: June 18. WHERE: Level 28, Tower Two, 200 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo. COST: $25 with all profits going to The Haven - Nepean Women's Shelter. Invitation design by us.

DOING Make Bach-inspired music with your mouse using this Google doodle. Hassel architects has been shortlisted for the 2019 NSW Architecture Awards for The State Library, NSW, here is the refurb. Visiting the Archibald Prize exhibition. READING How to get over Imposter Syndrome. This beautiful review and images from the book 'War Gardens: A Journey Through Conflict in Search of Calm’. Against the backdrop of civil unrest in Afghanistan, Gaza, Israel, the West Bank and Ukraine, Lalage captures the cruel horrors of life within the geographic confines of a war zone, and the profound stories of the gardeners who live there. Goodwood by Australian author Holly Throsby, about a young girl living in a small town were two people vanish. This novel was shortlisted for the Barbara Jefferis Awards. WISHLIST The eight colour travel set of watercolours from Case for Making, a shop in San Francisco that offers handmade watercolours and paper goods. LISTENING Magic Lessons podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert, about overcoming fears to create joyfully. Loving revisiting the songs and sounds of Joan Armatrading - how could you not tap your foot to Drop the Pilot? LOVING the concept of this underwater restaurant in Norway. This mini documentary film about a man who lives and breathes Letterpress printing by the videographers and content creators Of Two Lands. SHARING We'd love to hear from you. If you've seen or read anything you'd like to share, please email us at info@kingstreetpress.com.au.

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