#16 Design Matters

There's been a lot of high points since we started King Street Press, but it's never easy starting a new business, and our work/life balance was getting out of kilter, so our 'jumping down the chute' (see quote below) moment was to pack up and head south for big open skies, green rolling hills and empty beaches. Dividing our time between Sydney and the South Coast has been an excellent move, with new things to explore, space to breathe and a home that feels like an AirBnb we never want to leave. This month has been spent packing and unpacking boxes, so the newsletter is a little short on the usual list of what we're reading, watching and listening to. However, we are keen to report that we have been bingeing on Dr Foster TV series. :)

Happy days, 

Mel and Rachel


The Artisan Roaster

We've just finished the design, illustration and production of The Artisan Roaster, a 160-page book full of everything you need to know about setting up your own coffee roastery/cafe. The author, David Rosa, brought espresso to Sydney's North Shore, launching his roastery/cafe in the early '90s and people couldn't understand the concept. They keep asking "why wouldn't you just get Nescafé from Woolies across the road?" Fast forward to today where coffee culture is part of our daily ritual and most of us hunt down the best coffee or stalk our favourite barista. This book outlines how to get started in the industry, the art and science of roasting coffee, and how to run a successful business from start-up to sale. Visit the website to pre-order a copy. 


A modern take on traditional craft

Jo Elbourne is a London-based artist who puts a contemporary spin on the traditional craft of seat weaving. Using string and dyed cord she creates beautiful stools and chairs with abstract patterns and wonderful colours, as well as woven artworks such as these postcard-sized treasures above. See more of her work here.

Windy Chien believes it's the responsibility of artists to modernise traditional crafts and forms, and in her case, she has used macrame to create incredible functional pieces, including chandeliers, room dividers and wall hangings inspired by circuit breakers (image at top left) and knot tying (image at bottom right) where she learned a new knot every day for a year for her project The Year of Knots. See more work of her work here.

Susan Marawarr is an accomplished textile artist, printmaker, sculptor, weaver and bark painter. We love the woven look and intricate line work of this incredible artwork, Kun-wadde dja Manyawok (Rocks and Cheeky Yam). It's screen-printed onto cotton-drill fabric and available in different colourways and sizes. The 200×110cm is available for $240... but hurry if you're keen as there are only a couple left.


"You can't be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide over-thinking it, you have to go down the chute." Tina Fey, comedian and writer


Trade show display concept

We're continuing the rollout for DownUnder essential oils brand refresh with this concept for a trade show display. DownUnder is a global business based in Sydney that attends trade shows all over the world, so portability and weight were a key consideration when designing their booth. We used a combination of off-the-shelf point of sale pieces for the background, table and banner then complemented these with bespoke laser-cut pieces we designed, which included a collapsible essential oils display, a standing audio visual display and a table-top iPad display. 


Updated business cards

Sometimes even designers need nudge to get their own stationery done, so the upcoming attendance at a recent event we sponsored (Uncensored Money: Awkward Conversations About Money with Melissa Browne) gave us good reason to finally update our business cards with the new identity we created for our website redesign. We saved on the print price using one-colour black and splurged on the stock, choosing a super chunky, soft-grey 600 gsm textured board. 

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