#18 Design Matters

Hello there! Us again. Spring is here and we're thinking about ways we can restore the things we have, simplify what we buy, and the way we go about things. For example, instead of buying multiple cleaning products we have ordered the brilliant Bubble Buddy (below). We're both of the vintage where we remember our grandmothers using something similar! We've also launched a wee side hustle we named nook creative (see below) where you can save money and the pain of choosing a house colour before you paint. We also offer an article on women in restoration trades... featuring a carpenter and a link to the full story of the other trades. And, we show you how we helped the Inner West Council with their campaign to reduce residents' impact on the environment. Spring is the time to revive and refresh - maybe your brand needs a refresh too? Lol.. always hustling.

Mel and Rachel


Thoughtful creations

Dutch designer and maker Foekje Fleur found her niche by making objects that are functional, and yet give space for thought. Her attractive and colourful designs seem playful at first sight, but are, in fact, inspired by serious topics such as environmental pollution. There is a distinct link between products creating a strong visual identity. Recycled-plasticBubble Buddyis a genius invention used to grate organic soap bars to save buying all kinds of liquid soap in plastic bottles. She also makes porcelain vases using plastic bottles as a cast, showing that once stripped back to bare, even these everyday items are beautifully designed. 


Book design for a good cause

We helped our client Anne Miles with the design and layout of her book From The Chaos– an inspiring and thought-provoking collection of lessons learned the hard way. Anne and her two children are survivors of many of life’s challenges and instead of wishing for life to be easier, Anne knew that she had to simply be better in order for her family to thrive. The insights learned and shared in this simple book were produced as a family affair, with illustrations by Anne’s teenage children. It's a small book that packs a big punch,From The Chaoswill redefine how you think about life in order to shift your direction, or to reaffirm that where you are right now is just where you need to be. Certainly you will discover you are not alone in life’s struggles and there’s no such thing as perfect. Profits from the sale of the book will help people in need from various charities. Contact usnow to pre-order a copy.


Women in preservation

Jessica MilNeil is a preservation carpenter in New England, USA. She always wanted to be a carpenter and decided on preservation carpentry because it seemed like the highest level of carpentry she could do. "I go up into barns and church towers, photograph them, draw the frame, and inspect what’s wrong with them. I try to figure out the story and chronology of how they were built, and what parts are historically significant," she says. In her first years, she spent all her time on site, where people assumed she was the architect or designer, they never thought she did the actual carpentry. During that time she felt she was doing her work for feminism every day just by showing up, being at the job and doing the work. Read more about the journeys and experiences of eight women in preservation careers here. 


An interactive poster

Inner West Council is working hard to help the community move towards renewable energy, and we've felt privileged to be a part of its initiative by making fun and colourful infographics to assist with discussing the steps forward. This large, A1-size poster was created for face-to-face interaction at festivals and events to see how the community is progressing, and what the options are available to each of us to help switch to renewable energy. The concept was to create a poster with a board-game feel, where users can add stickers to tasks they've completed with the result showing the community effort. As part of the project we sourced an environmentally friendly and sustainable material to produce and mount the poster. 


Artist Emily Crockford

Emily Crockford is a senior artist at Studio A – a social enterprise that provides creative programs, work and exposure for talented adults with a disability. In 2016/17 Emily’s artworkSydney Opera House at Nightwas selected by the City of Sydney to appear on a large hoarding in the centre of the city as part of the Creative Cities project. We love her use of bold colour, pattern and the way she captures Australian nature and wildlife. The video above takes a behind-the-scenes look at Emily and her family, and how she created a large-scale 39m mural for Westpac. See more work by Emily and other Studio A artists here


Lost gardens of Sydney

"In every direction from the city, large estates and gardens have been subdivided and lost to our ever-increasing need for real estate." 

On a recent visit to the local library, we came across the bookLost Gardens of Sydney. After sitting down to read it, we were overcome by sadness that so many beautiful historical homes and gardens have been demolished and lost forever, particularly around Sydney Harbour, to make way for apartments. One quote was "Sydney protests but Sydney doesn't listen." Sydney's lost gardens are part of a rich history that is often overlooked, and their stories are an entreaty for Sydney to cherish its heritage and to ensure the creation of new gardens that can provide pleasure and inspiration for generations to come. Above is an image from the book,Sydney Wild Flowers, 1887, by botanical artist Ellis Rowan.

READING Email vs social media marketing – which is best for connecting with potential audiences and customers? Thisarticle by Houzz on networking - it's true that after initial awkwardness networking can become fun and since moving recently, it's been a great way to connect to our new local community. Our recent windy and cold weather means there's more time to snuggle up on the sofa with a good book – we're using Goodreads to find and save books we want to read so we don't feel the need to prolong the finishing of my latest favourite book. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hartby Holly Ringland is a latest find – we're loving the creativity and use of Australian native flowers translated as emotion and language in this story about nine-year-old Alice Hart, a survivor of an abusive father and a tragic fire. Stop making 'feedback sandwiches' and brush up ondelivering constructive criticism. WATCHINGThe Loudest Voice. Russell Crowe plays Roger Ailes, the man who built Fox News in this seven-part series, which we watched in horror and fascination as he built his empire on dishonesty, underhandedness, hostility, sexual harassment and abuse.Catch 22: George Clooney stars in this binge-worthy TV series based on the satirical war novel by American author Joseph Heller... we're a couple of episodes in and loving the contrast of the beautiful Mediterranean landscape with the horror of war. It's very clever with the use of ridiculous conversations as a metaphor for the stupidity of war. ATTENDINGthis masterclasswith creative milliner Maor Zabar, part of Hattember, a month-long event created by Inner West local Catherine Kelly, milliner of Embellish Atelier. Attend a workshop and/or enter a hat of your creation in the competition. If you love coffee (who doesn't?), and want to learn more about it or even able in some coffee roasting of your own, The Artisan Roaster has courses starting October - spaces are limited sobookin soon. Seewebsitefor more information. SHARING We'd love to hear from you. If you've seen or read anything you'd like to share, please email us at info@kingstreetpress.com.au

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