#19 Design Matters

We are learning a lot about being part of a new community, and while the word 'community' is often used to refer to people living in the same village town or city, we have found it can mean a whole lot more. 

What makes a community? This issue features different ways it's possible to become a part of a community – not just living in the same suburb, village or city, but as a virtual global group or through common interest or purpose. The Sketchbook Project forms a global community through the purpose of sharing stories and ideas that can then be accessed digitally, and in physical form, at the Brooklyn Art Library. Mel Browne has created a community by helping her clients and students get their financial shit together. She has a new way of talking about money that speaks to her audience. The Nightingale Model Apartments thrive on community involvement; one example is the shared laundry facilities that help the environment, keep costs down, while encouraging interaction between residents. And (our) Mel has recently found some new connections by completing an online natural history illustration course... an example of a common-interest community. Online interaction between students was encouraged through peers marking assessments and compulsory forum posting. 

It's amazing to realise that no matter where you live, you can be a part of something bigger. 

Mel and Rachel


The Sketchbook Project

Brooklyn Art Libraryis a crowdfunded library of artist sketchbooks, which anyone can join. It's a global initiative where a person purchases a sketchbook from the library, commits to the latest round of submissions, and posts back a story, diary, journal, memoir, or sketchbook by the due date. This project is all about being inclusive and sharing ideas on a global level; no one needs to be an artist, and the work doesn't need to be perfect. So, if you have something you want to share with the world, be it a new idea, perspective or interest to be found on a bookshelf by a stranger, check out the website


Spreading the word

We love how Mel Browne thinks, and wants to make the world a better place, especially for women (and a few good men) by enabling their financial independence. We recently did a rebrand for Mel as she embarks on a mission to spread the word by speaking at events and educating people via her new online course My Financial Adulting Plan. It starts October 21, and from what we've seen, it's amazing! We created a new brand identity and rolled out to a new website as well as promotional material. 


A smart model for living

Looking to buy an apartment? Founding member ofBreathe ArchitectureJeremy McLeod has come up with a new model of apartment builds where the bottom line isn't profit - although backers do make money -  as residents buy below market value. And the building is sustainable, saving money for owners and the environment. It's called the Nightingale model, and you can hear all about it on this podcast. 


Drawing nature

Mel recently completed a natural history illustration course and stumbled across this incredible artist,David Filer, whose tools of the trade consist of graphite pencils and Fabriano paper. Look closely, this is not a photograph! When you stop to notice the detail and form of flora and fauna, it gives you a whole new appreciation and understanding of how magnificent nature is. David was born in Zimbabwe and after achieving an Honours degree in information design, began drawing full time in the highly competitive and somewhat precarious field of wildlife art. He's always had a fascination with and empathy for animals. "I could spend hours just sitting and watching a single creature. It is not just their beauty and shape that grabs me, but their every move, the smallest tilt of their head, even the slightest shifting of their weight - but most of all, it's their eyes; it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul - could this be more evident than in the wandering gaze of a giraffe or the primal stare of a pangolin." See more of his work here. 


"The price of our vitality is the sum of all our fears." David Whyte

READING The irony of hosting a sewing workshop where people can learn how to sew, hem and mend their own clothes at a festival of progressive ideas is not lost on fashion designer and founder of Sew Make Create workshops, Melissa Tan-Lu. Read more here. This article about the rise of the health and sustainability market predicted to be worth $25 billion to Australian producers by 2030. WATCHING Line of Duty, a binge-worthy British police drama about anti-corruption police investigating corruption within the Central Police Force. Movies Wild Rose and Made in Dagenham - both great female-led movies. LISTENING Because of the movie listed above, Wild Rose, we started listening to some old female country singers Patsy ClineKitty Wells and Tammy Wynette

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