#11 Time for a change

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Welcome to our new look newsletter! We've been working behind the scenes for the past couple of months on the refresh of our website and the newsletter has been given a zhoosh up as well. We've brought you a story about the top 5 things we considered during the redesign, which we believe make a relevant and successful website today. We've also been working on some designs for hand screen-printed (by us), Christmas cards inspired by mid-century Australian architectural elements including breeze blocks and tiles. And, in the spirit of giving we're going to donate the profits to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. See details in the story below.

Mel and Rachel


Vita-sol cookbook

We've just designed and sent this mini cookbook for Vita-sol to print. Having worked on the brand identity and packaging last year, we enjoyed adding another piece to the range. The book features recipes made using wholefood powders from the range to make wicked-looking food that's super healthy and yum. Go to vitasol.com.au to purchase the powders. 


Doctor Lisa Cooper

Doctor Lisa Cooper is an artist, florist and philosopher. Her instagram profile is visually stunning and the words, thought-provoking. The giant flowers, image top and left, are bearded iris, which she describes as 'love itself'. Image bottom right is the indigenous mulla mulla. Follow her on Instagram @doctorcooper


Do you need a refresh? 

Today, the best websites are fuelled by clean, user-friendly design, vivid storytelling and the mission of the people behind it. Here's a list to the key elements that will make your website shine. 

1 | Tell your story with video or animation. Video is the easiest and most effective way to communicate your story. Used in combination with your website copy, the video reinforces your message; it also drives people to your website through SEO.  Animation, or moving graphics, are becoming more popular on social media, providing eye-popping leads back to landing pages. Animation is a really effective tool to describe a service in an interesting and creative way. 

2 | Less is more. If you’ve been in business for a while you will likely have a long history of work. It's best to make a really good edit and only feature the stand-outs. White space creates a pleasant viewing experience and leads the eye through a page. 

3 | Tone. Stay away from cliches, jargon and trendy catch phrases. Jargon can make people feel uninformed and cliches can feel fake. Invite people into a conversation by using real language. We have a list of copywriters who can communicate your story in an authentic and entertaining way, in a tone that is unique to your brand.

4 | Images. Quality images are everything on a website. If you don't have budget to create a suite of images, then stock imagery with a common thread of colour, style, creative cropping or concept can yield excellent results. We will often adjust images in photoshop to make them work well together as a series. The key is to find images that look and feel natural, not as though they are straight out of a stock library.  

5 | Make it engaging. We draw from our background in editorial publishing to make our websites as entertaining, digestible and enjoyable as reading a magazine.


Christmas cards designed by us

We can't help but be inspired by the visual appeal of everyday objects, including building materials, bricks, pavers, fences, walls that we walk past or over in our everyday lives. With a love of mid-century modern style, we've turned besser block patterns into Christmas card designs, hand screen-printed by us, with profits to be donated to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, a cause we strongly believe in.

Visit our secret pop-up shop to order but get in quick as it's a limited print run. 

READING We're going on holiday soon and have a copy of all of the shortlisted books of the recent Barbara Jefferis Award for “the best novel written by an Australian author that depicts women and girls in a positive way or otherwise empowers the status of women and girls in society”. It feels good to support Australian authors, especially knowing that most live off only $15,000 a year. Here's the list: Winner: The Trapeze Act by Libby Angel, Troppo by Madelaine Dickie, Storyland by Catherine McKinnon, From The Wreck by Jane Rawson and Goodwood by Holly Throsby. 

BUSINESS READING Productivity Tips from 22 women in power. Maximising Serendipity the best networking is not at networking events. Cereal magazine has released exquisite travel guides for London, Paris and New York. 

LISTENING Loving the concept of Irish poet, philosopher and theologian, John O'Donohue, who believes beauty is a human calling; listen to the podcast here. Seth Godin – Life, the internet and everything. The world has changed and survival is about doing something genuine that connects. 

WISH LIST Stacking rings from colleenmauerdesigns.com, Pallisade outdoor furniture by Hay, Palmaira sandals, linen bound journalby Bespoke Letterpress. 

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